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Philae makes historic landing on comet 67P

Philae landing site named Agilkia

Island on the Nile

CNES and Google's Project Loon collaborate to connect the world to the Internet

New approaches to Internet access.

63rd consecutive success for Ariane 5

ATV-5 undocks from the International Space Station

OSIRIS 11-cm-resolution pictures reveal comet in unprecedented detail

Picard and PRISMA ready for lift-off

4 June 2010

Waiting for the off

Launch preparations are drawing to a close at the Dombarovski Cosmodrome near the small Russian town of Yasny. The Picard and PRISMA satellites were encapsulated under the Dnepr launcher fairing today, Friday, in readiness for launch scheduled on 15 June.

Picard and PRISMA transferred to launch silo

08 june 2010

Le silo

The upper composite of the Dnepr launch vehicle with the Picard and PRISMA satellites was transferred this Tuesday to the launch silo. Initial electrical tests have begun and will continue in the days ahead. The 2 satellites are now patiently awaiting lift-off in the silo until launch day on 15 June.

Picard and PRISMA in orbit

15 June 2010

Picard and PRISMA-FFIORD ready to go on 15 June

Getting inside the Sun