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CNES works to enhance GPS positioning

14 April 2011

More precise positioning data

CFOSAT to gain new insights into sea state

Fukushima - Forecasting radiation dispersal at sea

29 April 2011

3D modelling and in-situ measurements

GOCE redraws the map of Earth’s geoid

Soyuz launch pad handed over to Arianespace

9 May 2011

Very-high-speed satellite broadband on the market in 5 years

13 May 2011

Argos marks 25 years serving the environment

A French instrument on Mars in 2012

25 May 2011

SAM-GC - An engineering challenge for the French team

CNES at the 2011 Paris Air Show

9 June 2011

Innovation as communication

DIABSAT: one-year progress report

21 July 2011

Screening in the local community